Sunday School Classes

Our Bible study hour is each Sunday morning at 10:00am. We have several classes to choose from! We invite you to find a class that suits your needs.  Some classes include age ranges so you may choose to be with people your own age, but feel free to choose an intergenerational setting if you prefer. Please call Tammy at the church with questions at 813-253-3411.



FOUNDRY - Phil & Janet Salyers, Bill & Penny Oliver   (Room 2463)

Foundry consists of young married couples with and without children.  Foundry is passionate about knowing God and learning his Word. We engage in short scripturally-focused studies on various passages and topics. Foundry also participates in service based missions projects.

 CIRCLE OF FRIENDS – Dave & Leslie Daniel   (Room 2237)

Adults (ages 30-39), parents of elementary children; Class covers major Biblical & life themes. Class journeys through passages and issues relevant to life today.

 BUILDER’S CLASS – Sam Ciccarello   (Room 2121)

Adults (ages 40-55), parents with teens, college students, and young adults. Class covers major Biblical & life themes. Class journeys through passages and issues relevant to life today

 SEARCHER’S CLASS – Tom Allyn  (Room 2458)

Adventuresome group of married, divorced and widowed persons who want to participate in Bible study lessons.

FAITH EXPLORERS – Karen Rooks  (Room 1476)

Intergenerational adults with a discussion format. Class studies various books about faith, grace and other pertinent subjects.

 BIBLICAL STUDIES – Jim Strange (Chapel – Room 1369)

Lecture format with audience participation taught by Dr. Jim Strange, USF Professor of Religious Studies. Course features study of the Bible, one book at a time.

 ROAD RUNNERS – Sharon Hickinbotham   (Room 1478)

Adults 65+; Bible study challenges a generation already full of life’s experiences to discover new ones in their service to the Lord.

 DIGGING DEEPER – Van Holland   (Conference Room)

Adults all ages (mostly women). In-depth Bible study, book by book with lots of discussion


SINGLES – MEDIAN & UP – Judy Richman, Carmen Hufstetler &                                     Larry McDowell     (Room 2456)

Singles, 40 +; Studies of various books & people of the Bible and their struggles with their faith in God.

COLLEGE STUDENTS & YOUNG SINGLES -  Katherine Miller   (Room 2101)

Singles, 20s; Coffee, conversation and fellowship. Studies are determined by group consensus.


SENIOR ADULTS – Marilyn Wertz, Director

TOGETHERNESS * – Rosie Scott  (Room 1475)

Ladies; Discussions are based on using the Bible as a daily instruction manuel. Class focuses on living our lives so we can be more equipped to serve our Lord and be a blessing to others.

 AD21—MARY MARTHA * – Johnnie Boghich  (Room 1477)

Women, Ages 65 and up; Wonderful group of women who desire deeper Biblical knowledge, want to learn Godly values and live with a purpose using the Bible as their daily

AD22—MASTERS – Bill Scarle  (Room 1474)

Men, Ages 65 and up

*Senior Adults study Bible passages from Smyth & Helwys Sunday School materials unless otherwise noted.



 PRESCHOOL – Preschool Check-in

Infants – Marian Thomas

Ages 1’s – Brittany & Jeremy Keller

2’s & 3’s – Jimmy Thomas & Caren Hayward

Preschool Check-in - Brittany Cordts, Melissa Scarle, & Deb Alexander

Preschoolers are assigned according to physical maturity, age and birth date as of September 1, 2011.


Pre-K 4 and Kindergarten – Sharon Reed  (Room 2348)

Grades 1 – 2: Younger Elem – Amy Newman   (Room 2349)

Grades 3 – 5: Older Elem – Gloria Scarle   (Room 2350)


Grades 6 – 8 Girls - Susan Chamblee, Laura Jones, & Kate Salyers   (Room 2457-LOFT)

Grades 6 – 8 Boys – Hal Scarle & Richard Barrett (Room 2457-LOFT)

Grades 9 – 12 – Coed,  David & Krista Moss (Room 2457-LOFT)