Prayer List

Our prayer ministry at Bayshore is a blessing for the pray-ers as well as those for whom we pray. Be sure to email Barb Tolbert with any concerns you’d like to share or to receive emails as part of the chain. We distribute prayer lists on Wednesday nights and update our prayer list on the website with the permission of the families.

Praises & Answers to Prayer

  • Winnie Brickett’s test results came back negative with her liver and kidneys.  They did find that she will need gall bladder surgery. We need to pray that her sinus infection clears up before next week, and we will pray for successful surgery on Friday,  12/18. (12/10)
  • Virginia Covington’s son Bob’s surgery went very well. (12/4)
  • Jean Vaughn’s back surgery went well and she is home. (11/24)


  • Lisa McCarter’s mother, Margaret Ann Goodson Turner, 78, died on Dec. 3 in Valdosta, Ga. after a brief hospitalization. (12/9)
  • Glen Alvis, former long-time member of Bayshore, passed away on Friday December 4. (12/9)
  • Rev. William Bingham passed away Sunday, Nov. 29th. (12/3)

Hospitalized & Rehab

  • Johnnie Boghich came through the successful surgery well.  She will be in ICU for 24 hours, which is standard procedure.  Praise God, that everything went well, and now we will pray for her quick and complete recovery! (12/11)
  • Alexia Wax has been in the hospital since November 17th with an abdominal blockage.  She has been battling cancer for the last two years.  She currently has an ng tube in and is waiting for the blockage to resolve on its own.  Please have our prayer warriors pray specifically that this blockage will correct itself and her system will begin working again.  Her prayer is she will be home before Christmas! (12/2)
  • Patrick Carter, Jean Vaughn’s grandson, is in the hospital with an infection, after undergoing surgery a week ago.  Pray for his healing and comfort. (11/17)
  • Florence Wise is in rehab.  (11/17)
  • Virginia Covington’s daughter, Bonnie, is in Tampa General. She has been there for 4 weeks. Bonnie’s mental condition is deteriorating. (9/16)

Current Prayer Requests

  • Barbara Patch, one of our preschool Moms, has had a recurrence of cancer. Please pray that the new treatment will be successful.  Her mother and sister also are in treatment for cancer.  Please pray for the Patch family, her 4 year old child, and her husband. (12/11)
  • Angela Conley was in an auto accident last week and is overwhelmed with insurance, legal and medical issues right now.  Please pray for God’s wisdom and his timely intervention as she deals with these agencies and that she heals quickly.  She broke her left thumb and is in a cast up to her elbow. (12/10)
  • Tony & Angie Fuentes’ godson, Ricky Gongora, is waiting for a heart transplant. Please pray they find a heart soon. (12/3)
  • Debbie Campbell is a mother of two and was recently diagnosed with leukemia.  Pray for healing, her ability to rest in God as she deals with this diagnosis and her family. (11/24)
  • Barb Tolbert was hit by a car as a pedestrian in a crosswalk. She is trying to walk around the house for longer periods of time, but her leg swells up again and pain begins. The doctor would not allow her travel to NC for Thanksgiving.  (11/24)
  • Windy Ciccarello is suffering from neck pain. In a matter of a couple of weeks, it has become acute. (11/19)
  • Jody, the son of Angela Conley, is devastated because his wife is asking for a divorce.  Please pray that he will sense God’s presence and that his wife will have a change of heart.  Pray also for Angela as she walks alongside her son during this difficult time. (11/12)
  • A single mother that works in Awana where Karen Rook’s daughter, Beth takes her boys, has just found out that her 11 year-old son, Joshua, has a neuro-blastoma in his abdomen–wrapped around an artery.   He is in Shands and they are trying to shrink it (either by radiation or chemo–don’t know which).  But if they can shrink it, they will do surgery. (11/11)
  • Jim and Carolyn Strange’s son-in-law, Aaron Burke, has shingles and
    needs your prayers. Unfortunately, the places of irritation and pain are not confined to one area, but are at several spots on his body. (11/11)
  • A good friend of Greg Jones, Brittany  Vitter Donahue is pregnant with twins and she has been hospitalized at 26 weeks with early onset of labor. Please pray for Brittany and her two babies, that  God would take care of this family and allow these children to born healthy  in time. (11/5)
  • Kim Hoffman’s housekeeper/nanny of 15 years is 8 months pregnant.  She was told yesterday at a routine visit the baby had died.  Today they will induce labor so she can deliver him. Please pray today for Dalila and William as they endure this unimaginable process.  (10/30)
  • Please pray for Johmary and her daughter Karla, and the family.
  • A family member of Rosie Scott, Kurt, is having daily seizures. Doctors believe a tumor has returned. He will have surgery soon. (10/28)
  • Linda Watts friend, Lottie has COPD and is having a very difficult time breathing. (10/13)
  • Please pray for Debbi Buckenheimer’s son, Bryan. (9/16)

Loved Ones Battling Cancer

  • Virdie Alfieri
  • Richard Allen
  • Amanda
  • Becky Anderson
  • Lucy Barrett
  • Carrleen Best
  • Virginia Covington
  • Mark Dose
  • Ann Farmer
  • Erin Ferlita
  • Steve Hadden
  • Leslie Hanlon
  • Karen Hart
  • Casey Flippen
  • Lauren Midgley
  • Mary Jo
  • Elnora Pinner
  • Beth Pollard
  • Debbie Rignor
  • Kirk Robb
  • Brian Snyder
  • Marijane Sprouse
  • Sarah Struck
  • Louise Wilt
  • June Winstead


  • Kathleen Crockett
  • Bert Harvey, Horizon Bay
  • Charlotte Hayes
  • Harry Hickinbotham (pray for rest for Sharon)
  • Sarah Lawhorne, N. Tampa
  • Mary Smith

Staff & Ministries

  • Richard, Tammy, Ron, Anna, Kelly, Deb, Melissa, Randall
  • Deacons
  • Bible study leaders
  • Watchman on the Wall
  • WeekDay Preschool
  • Our Military Families
  • Bayshore Committees

Bayshore Partners In the Field

  • Karen Alford - Medical Mission to the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
  • Dr. Ray Pritz - Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies
  • Dr. Ron and Mikel Ann Pritz - OC International
  • Theodor Raychynets - Baptist Seminary in Ukraine.


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