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Gifting Appreciated Stock

In addition to traditional gifts, some of Bayshore’s parishioners choose to donate appreciated shares of stock. While Bayshore cannot and does not provide tax advice, we strongly recommend that you consult your tax advisor(s) regarding the potential benefits of gifting stock in this manner. If you wish to give stock to Bayshore, please provide your broker with instructions detailing the gift and the following information regarding Bayshore’s brokerage account (also, do not sell the stock before making the transfer):

DTC System Number:
TD Ameritrade: DTC Participant Number 0188
Account Name and Number:
For the Benefit Of: Trustees Bayshore Baptist Church, Tampa, Florida – Account Number 867848871

In order to make Bayshore aware of the incoming gift, please immediately notify Bayshore’s bookkeeper, Anna Woodall by email @ and Bayshore’s Treasurer, Jerry Ford by email @ after making the gift. If you would like to direct your gift to a specific fund at Bayshore (e.g. general fund, building fund, missionary fund, etc.), please also indicate that in your email.

The Church’s policy is to liquidate securities as soon as practicable. After liquidating your donation, the Church will provide you with a letter that states the date the Church received the donation, the name of the stock, the stock symbol, the amount of shares received, the date of sale, and the net amount generated by the sale for the benefit of Bayshore.